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2 Live a Dream University was founded by Zelma Johnson seeing a need for more intense understanding of life as well as a more in-depth study of the bible and its principals therefore birthing 2 Live a Dream UNIVERSITY!!!!I She is a woman, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, teacher, minister business owner and most of all child of God. As her life unfolds a journey of ups and downs she can say that she have been blessed. She is a teacher of children, women, and general congregation of The Greater Holy Fellowship Outreach Ministries which she currently serve as Pastor.

God has blessed her with an insight on leadership, childcare, family, parenting, last but not least my passion teaching. She comes from humble beginnings, raised in a Baptist ministry, which has continued throughout her life. She do not profess to have a sinless life but a life of challenges, hardships and disappointment. She remembers being called Miss Pepper because of her desired to live fast life forgetting the word that was instilled within her, but God had His hand on her and my life. If it were not for the mighty Men of God and Women of God with that compassionate, self-sacrificing, unconditional love and leadership she would not be here to speak and tell of God’s greatness. This uniquely complete platform and Vision was placed upon her heart to empower others as well a myself. She have created workshops, workbooks, books classes, and products to help us along the way.

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