12 Steps to Success through Self-Care 90 Day Comprehensive Planner

TypeOnline Course
DateSep 13, 2021 - Dec 13, 2021

Zelma Johnson, Author

12 Steps to Success through Self –Care Daily Planner 


We will be discovering what the key elements of leadership are, learning what love has to do with, most of all how to apply these key principles to grow us into better leaders. We will also see biblical examples of great leadership yes, role models great leadership in action.


Goal 1 To Learn and Clearly Define what Self Care is.

Goal 2 To Learn the Eight Elements Self-Care and what role the play in your lives.

Goal 3 After all the Steps and Elements of Self- Care are learned then a personal plan of action will be developed as well as executed.


A Desire to in-better yourself while developing a mindset of success.


This class is a self-help class however a final paper will be required to see and measure your progress. Testing for this course however you will be evaluated on where you are, where you are going and where you want to be. Therefore there are no right or wrong answers. This is a gage to find out where you are and to take you to a new level understanding.

Thank you for joining our self-help course 12 Steps to Success through Self-Care Course. Wanting to Re-Build yourself through Self-Love. Self-Love is a powerful tool. Loving your self does not come easy. Self-Love is not just eating right, exercise, and taking a bath. It much more complicated than that. Self-Love is taking control of you like and beginning to life to the fullest. Successful, happy and healthy.

Section 112 Steps to Success through Self-Care
Lecture 1If It Feels Right Do It
Lecture 2Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say
Lecture 3You Can Not Be A People Pleaser
Section 212 Steps to Success through Self-Care
Lecture 4Listen To Your Heart and Trust Your Internists
Lecture 5Never Speak Badly of Yourself
Lecture 6Never Give Up On Your Dream
Section 312 Steps to Success through Self-Care
Lecture 7Don’t Be Afraid to Say “NO”
Lecture 8Don’t Be Afraid to Say “YES”
Lecture 9Be Kind to Yourself
Section 412 Steps to Success through Self-Care
Lecture 10Stay Away From Drama and Negativity
Lecture 11Love Unconditionally
Lecture 12Let Go of What You Can’t Control
Lecture 13Bonus Element 1-4
Lecture 14Bonus Elements 5-8
Section 5Bonus
Lecture 15Bonus Element 1-4
Lecture 16Bonus Elements 5-8